Thursday, April 24, 2008

And we're blogging...

For years, I have had some sort of webpage blog. I blogged before blogging was considered blogging (anyone remember Rokne's Realm or K10's Kingdom? hehe -- OLD school!). Then, marriage and motherhood happened and I didn't blog for a good while. When Mark got a new job in Austin, Texas and we packed up our life and moved here in 2007, I started blogging on myspace to keep our friends and family back in Ohio updated on our new lives. Myspace blogs aren't nearly as fun. Especially when I read such cool blogs, like Tracey's and Julie's. hehe. Hence, I decided to try blogspot. So far so good.
Today was Mason's Independent Study project presentation for Quest (gifted and talented). He's been working on I.S. since January and his topic was (what else?) hockey, focusing on safety equipment. This was his first time doing I.S. (he attended a different school in a different district last year) and we're all relieved it's over. Mark videotaped it on the Flip so when I download it, I'll link up. Anyway, Mason did an amazing job! When I heard he had to give a *fifteen* minute presentation, I was worried, but he did great! The kids in his class loved his power point on hockey gear that featured a video on NHL's greatest hits.

If the weather stays nice today, I'm going to take the Boy to the pool. Our neighbors' kids can't join us because they flew to California for the weekend. Oh well.

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Judi said...

Glad to see 'Purple Girl' made the friends section, lol.

Welcome back to the world of blogging--no link to Lakeline Mall? Randall's?