Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home from Camp...

Sorry I haven't updated... it's been a long, busy week with my Mom visiting. I'll recap that later. For now, let's finish Mason's camp experience.

So, Thursday Jill notified us that there was a virus spreading like wild-fire through camp. Great. The camp contacted the parents of sick campers and then sent out a mass email to all of the parents, notifying them. I knew Mason was fine. From a parent's opinion, I think the camp handled this amazingly well. We were then called Friday, making sure we received the email and informing us more about it. On Saturday, when we picked Mason up at camp, we got more information from the director.

Mason did not get sick. He is completely healthy, albeit with some new bug bites, bruises, and a scrape on his hand... but such is life at camp.

He had a BLAST! He enjoyed tubing and the banana boats. He made my Mom a lovely candle in arts and crafts (I wish I had taken a picture... it looked like dookie. He said it looked like snot. Lovely.) and some leather animals. He bought more hackey sacks (because the 5 he bought last year weren't enough... these were much more colorful!). He lost a BRAND NEW pair of board shorts, a pillowcase, and a few pairs of underwear.

And he brought someone else's underwear home.

::banging head on wall::

Best of all, he got Honor Camper for the second year in a row. It's given to one camper in each cabin for great behavior and attitude. We were so proud of him!

Anyway... the remaining pictures from the camp website! Enjoy!!

Mason is in the gray shirt on the left. Playing beach volleyball.

Playing beach volleyball.

Boys camp.

Boys camp.At the Honor Camper Ceremony. Mason's in the blue shirt on the right.
Honor camper.

Boys camp before the dance.
Mason geeking out at the dance.

Tomorrow, we're going to Rob and Weez's for a party. I'll take a ton of pictures and hopefully update this with pictures from Mom's visit and our Fourth early next week.

Until then --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!!! :)

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