Friday, June 27, 2008


My loverly sister, Jill, calls me this morning if I've heard from Mason. He's at camp. She *knows* he's at camp because it's the same one her kids go to (though not this week) and she's seen the pictures. Why would he call me?

Oh... because FIFTY kids have a raging stomach virus.

Um... hello, panic. Haven't seen you in a long time.

(Jill knew because her husband is a director of a Houston YMCA and found out at work -- Mason's camp is affiliated with Houstom YMCAs.)

Then, we got an email, explaining that there is a virus. Those sick have seen a physician and if the camp did not call you, your kid is fine.

For now.

So, I'm hoping Mason will be fine.

I'm taking a puke bucket on Saturday just in case.

In other news, Mom arrived last night. Yay! We drove around and looked at housing this morning and then had lunch at Pei Wei. And tonight, we went to see Indiana Jones at the Alamo. She loved both the movie and the theater.

Here are some new pics of Mason at camp from the last two days. He doesn't look sick, right????

At the pool. Am so glad bought another pair of board shorts for camp since he has worn the same pair every freaking day.
Yay! Again, he's using his swim towel and NOT his bath towel! And he has seemed to remember NOT to wear his sleep shirt during the day.
Mason and Dylan.
Apparently watching some kids play checkers or chess. He's in the top right corner. Gotta take the cabin photo quick before someone gets sick and has to leave!!

Please keep your fingers crossed that Mason does NOT get affected by this nasty virus at camp.

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judi said...

so glad he didn't get sick...did I see Mark at Randall's at the butt crack of dawn this morning?!?!?!