Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Awards Day

Yesterday was Third Grade Awards Day in the afternoon. I was getting ready and talking to Lola and she decided she wanted to take Shannon and Shane to it, too. Mason looked SO happy when he saw such a big crowd supporting him. See -- we have family in Texas!

Anyway, he won a ton of awards (honor roll, math fact mastery, behavior, etc) which we are very proud of, but he also won the Leadership award. One boy and girl from every classroom gets selected. We are so pleased that Mason has had an amazing third grade year!

Mason smiling when he sees his group of adoring fans. ;-)

Getting another award.

Shane goofing off for me during the award ceremony.
Shannon being all smiles at Award Day.
When he got home from school, we went swimming with the Monaghans for awhile.

We came home for dinner and returned to the pool. Later last night, Eric and Katie came over to try out Wii Fit. After they left and Mason went to bed, Lola and Jesse came down for a workout. I wish I could use it! Anyway, I am banned from taking ANY Wii Fit pictures. No matter HOW ridiculous my husband looks spinning an imaginary hula hoop around his hips or doing yoga positions, I cannot share that with you people. Sorry.
Tonight, we are going out to dinner to celebrate Mason's awesome year. Mark has to be in San Antonio tomorrow and Mason has a party after school (he gets out at 11:00), so we decided tonight was the best night to celebrate. When we return home, I think it's all night Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox. ;-) (And yes, I realize we have way too many video game consoles. But we do limit Mason's use to once a weekday and weekends only! Except for Wii Fit, which he can do everyday.)
Oh! I found some more hockey pictures I forgot to post!

I am so proud of how well Mason has adjusted to life in Texas. While he still misses his friends and family in Ohio, he *gets* that Texas is home. He's had an amazing year here. Congratulations, kiddo!!!

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