Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Fun

Ready for some shocking news? We've spent more time at the pool. While Mom was here, Mason got a new pool toy. It's like a skateboard that you ride under the water.

First, you throw it into the pool.

Then, you run toward the pool (like when doing a cannonball) and aim for said toy.

The skateboard-thing glides across the water. And you can also use it as a float or kickboard.
The city of Austin as seen from the 360 Loop scenic view spot. Mason in front of the city. It was very bright. Just found this -- Mason and Ryan when we dropped them off at camp.
Mason, Ryan, and Dylan at camp before we left.
Dylan came up from Houston this week and the boys played at the pool.
Mason, Dylan, and Ryan at our pool. Mason got a new float, too. His red one was too small.
Shane likes using the skateboard-thing, too.

On Tuesday, Mason and I ran to the mall to buy some stuff for our trip to Ohio. Mark was working late. So, Mason and I went to Pei Wei together.

Mason at Pei Wei.Then, the Monaghans came over and hung out with us on our deck.

This week, Lola found a little Sheltie puppy covered in fleas. She gave it a bath and put some flea stuff on it. It's been living there with Jackson, their yellow lab while she is trying to find it's owner. She's put up signs in our neighborhood as well as surrounding ones. If no one claims it, we may get him. We've been calling him Gibson (after the guitar). No pictures of Gibson until he's ours. Lola said she will keep him until we get home since Mark has to travel while we're in Ohio.
Finally... on Wednesday, Mason went to Ryan A.'s home and played. He came home, we had dinner, and went to the pool. Ryan G. (from camp) was there. Well, Ryan G. ended up spending the night. The next morning (Thursday), we had all sorts of contractors coming in because of our year inspection. Well, I was getting something out from our garage and was coming back in the house, going over the threshold, when I fell backwards. I smacked my head pretty hard on the slate tile. The boys, meanwhile, were in Mason's room. Anyway, I had Mason call Lola and she came running down. She went next door and got Eric and they helped me back in my chair. Mark was in San Antonio and he came right home (but it's a 2 hour drive from where he was). Meanwhile, Ryan A's mom called and took both boys to our pool along with her kids. And Ray, our construction superintendent came over while all the work was going on and said if anything ever happens to call him.
This makes the second fall in one month and four days (but who's counting?). This one was completely MY fault because I was being careless. I CAN go over a threshold backwards, but every time I do, I'm playing chance if I fall. I should have turned around and went into the house forward. My back feels fine and my neck is slightly stiff, but my head was throbbing for two days straight. I missed going to see Glenn Beck that night (Mark took Jesse instead) and I cringed through loud parts of Batman. I'm doing fine now. A little afraid of how my head will hold up on the plane ride on Tuesday. So, please just keep Mason and I in your thoughts. Airtravel in a wheelchair isn't the easiest to begin with, but I always have Mark with me. Not this time. And on top of that, I have a huge knot on the back of my head. Keep us in your thoughts. Thanks!

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