Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

Mason's first day of fourth grade was on Monday and he was excited to get back to school. We went to Open House on Thursday night. That is when they post who your teacher is.

Well, the night before, Mason had both Ryan A. and Ryan G. spend the night here and then they all went to Ryan A.'s to play the next day. Anyway, we get to the school and start looking for the fourth grade lists (and I wish I would have taken a picture of that mob!) when Ryan G. stops us and says, "Mason -- we're all in the same class!"

Sure enough, both Ryans are in Mason's class. So, we take the elevator up to the older school grades, meet Mason's teacher, and follow the instructions to pick a seat for the first week of school. Mason scooped around but the Ryans hadn't chosen a seat. He found a cluster of four with three seats remaining and marked his territory. Ryan G and family come in and Ryan runs to Mason and puts his name beside him. Then, Ryan A comes in and adds his name to their cluster. Poor Celeste, the fourth member of the cluster who will be surrounded by boys.

As we were leaving, Mason was saying goodbye to Ryan Squared and the teacher said, "It's so funny watching them after they haven't seen their friends all summer!" and I said, "They all slept over at our house last night and were at Ryan A.'s house until 4:00 today." hehe.

Anyway, Mason loves fourth grade and having his two best friends in his class. Both of them were in a different class last year. And, it's not really a coincidence. For the first time ever (no, I didn't even do it when I was PTO President!) I requested a teacher. And we got her. Mason has had first-year teachers for the last two years and he needed someone seasoned. Or at least, I needed someone seasoned. Who would return my calls or emails (seriously -- what fresh-out-of-college teacher would not answer emails? But she never did!). Already, this one has emailed out the class newsletter.

So, he's a big fourth grader now. Here are some pictures from his first day of school...

Ignore the hose in the driveway. But notice how green our yard is! After a three month drought!

An oldie, but a goodie -- from first grade.

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