Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Update

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Crazy! Even more crazy is that I will be working on Black Friday for 16 hours (with 2 two hour breaks in between). HELP ME! ;-)

Since the last update, Mason has had a Rube Goldberg presentation in Quest, I got an early Christmas present, and we had a visitor for the weekend. Mason's best friend, Ryan stayed with us while his parents were in Hawaii. We took the boys bowling and then to a birthday party for their friend.

Ready for the pictures?
A picture from the Fall Theater Arts performance. Mason is in the middle. Ryan, Chandler, and Mason at Chandler's birthday party.
Mason bowling, picking up a spare.
Ryan and Mason at Mel's Lonestar Lanes (we love that place!).

The final score. Way to go, Mason!!!
Merry Christmas, Me!!!! My new 50 inch Plasma (and TV stand).
Mason with his Rube Goldberg demo.
Smiling after the presentation.

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