Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Hello blog readers! I can't believe that the weekend is almost over! Mason has had the entire week off of school, but it flew by too quickly. We have really enjoyed Gail's (Mark's mom) visit. She leaves on Monday. I hope to update later today with pictures from our Thanksgiving week.

I worked for 12 hours on Black Friday -- 3 four hour shifts with 2 two hour breaks in between starting at 4:00am. When I got home on Friday night, I was incoherent! I have never experienced Black Friday that early before (I have been to Target at 5:30pm, but never in time for store open/door busters) and it was completely crazy. When I got to the store, there were people camped out since midnight in lawn chairs and pup tents. I understand that a lot of people do this (my family included!), but I have always valued my sleep more!

We went to see Bolt tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse. When we first saw the previews, I thought, "Hey... I've seen this movie before!" Well, Bolt was REALLY cute. We all enjoyed Rhino, the hamster, the best. I think I'm going to go on Zazzle and get Mark a Rhino shirt for our next trip to Disney. In other movie news, the Alamo is showing both Gremlins and Christmas Vacation in December. We love going to the Alamo because you can eat an entire meal while you watch a movie. Mark and I are hoping on Friday to see Four Christmases while Mason is in school . This is the best date place for parents because you can get dinner and a movie at the same time, which equals less time to pay a babysitter! ;-)

Since I've been working this weekend, we haven't put up our Christmas decorations. Yet. We are later today. So, I best go to sleep and will update when our house is completely Christmasified. With pictures!! I will leave you with two pictures from Christmas 07.

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Cousy/Liza said...

yeah, funny how original Bolt is- i guess disney can steal from themselves (and us)