Friday, May 9, 2008

I am Ironman!

So, after our fun-filled day of adventure, we drive to the 1890 Cinemark to see Ironman with the Monaghan's following close behind. This is a new theater and NEVER busy. We got there way early and still had to wait in line. Note to self -- it's hard to save NINE seats in the good rows! ;-)

The movie was AWESOME! Mason has always loved Ironman so this was definitely not the last time he would see this movie.

Afterwards, we all went to Rudino's Pizza (it's beside the theater). We sat in the back, but it was SOO sunny! Ick. We had a blast with the Monaghan's!

Shane, Mason, and Sha-nay-nay.
Leah and Shane.
Mark and Dana. Dana kept asking Mark TONS of questions about the movie.
The next day (sorry -- no pictures!!), we had Katie and Eric over for dinner. Mark made his special Tiki pork sandwiches. We had a great time with them. :) You'll meet them soon enough!!

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