Friday, May 9, 2008

Not for the Faint at Heart

... Continued...

So, we go to the Monaghan's and Lola is cleaning the garage while Jesse mowes. She moves a table leaf that is leaning up beside her garage divider when I see something. I thought it was a mouse, but I didn't say anything because all of the kids were there and I didn't want them to freak out. And then, it moved. And I screamed, "SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAKE!!!!" Our first snake experience in Texas.

Lola's snake. The asterisk shows where is was before it came out of hiding.
It was pretty big. I guess it's called a "Rat Snake?"
Upclose. Zoom is my friend.
Then, it quickly slivered into their neighbor's yard. Thus beginning the Great Olmos Snake Hunt of 2008.

Left to right -- Mark, Jesse, neighbor (no clue what his name is), Rob, and Lola.

They didn't find the snake. Ack!!!!

I had too many close encounters with yucky Texas stuff this week -- a snake at Lola's and a tarantula at Katie's. I either need to move or find some new friends! ;-)

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