Friday, May 9, 2008

Millers -- MIA

Wow. I haven't blogged for awhile. Sorry. So many good pics and good times, but not enough time to upload and write about them. Sorry!

We have had WONDERFUL weather in Austin, meaning Mason and I can be found at the pool pretty much every day (except Mondays when it's closed and he does his weekly homework after school!).

Jesse, Shane, and Shannon came home from California, so we all went down there for a welcome home party.

Lola and Jesse.
Leah, Lola's niece, needed to cook stir-fry that evening for class the next day, so she came down to our house to do it with Mark's help.

Leah cooking.

Mason blading in front of Eric and Katie's house.

Mason eating at Threadgills, Grandma's favorite!!

Last weekend was crazy. Friday night, our new neighbors, Eric and Katie (LOVE THEM!) invited us to go see friends of theirs in a band. We couldn't find a babysitter at so late of notice, but we did go over there afterwards and met the band who crashed there that weekend. Pretty cool. Mason did REALLY well at hockey on Saturday. We had told Shane (Lola and Jesse's youngest and only boy) that we'd take him to see Iron Man Saturday afternoon. Well, after hockey, Mark and Mason went to a comic book store for Free Comic Book Day and met an comic book artist who agreed to be interviewed for Mason's Independent Study project for next year (his topic -- Comic Books -- he wants to make his own comic book for his 3-D product). Afterwards, we went down to the Monaghan's house to invite them to see Iron Man. That's when it got sort of scary...


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