Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Parties

We had a lot of activities/parties in December. Most of the time, I didn't photograph because I was too busy having a good time. However, here are some pictures I was able to take. Enjoy!

Mason and Hayley at our neighborhood Holiday Social.
Mason with his best friends, Ryan G., Patrick, and Ryan A. at the class holiday party.
Mason with his friends Jeremy, Jeremy's aide, and Ryan A. during a game at the class party.
Mason having fun at the class party.
Mason playing Holiday Jeopardy. Kiddo ROCKED it! I was so proud that he has some of my holiday spirit! ;-)
Mason and his teacher, Mrs. English. We adore her!!!
The Miller Christmas tree (because I forgot to post it before!)
The Three Little Pig Gingerbread Village that my friend, Lisa, made at the Annual Monaghan Clan Christmas Eve Party.
Mason and Cody at the Christmas Eve party.
Mason on Christmas Eve.

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