Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grandma's Holiday Visit

My Mom flew in to Austin late on Christmas night. Because of her late arrival, we didn't do much on Christmas Day (a new post will come about it!). We waited until Saturday for our big Christmas meal and presents. In October, I came up with an idea about what to get Mom. She's impossible to shop for because she has everything she "needs" and doesn't really "want" anything. Last year, she wanted an Austin sweatshirt. Anyway, I called my sisters up and got their input on my idea (and approval, since it was going to be a joint-present from all of us).

Mom and her new iPod Nano! She has a better iPod than I do now. I told her to bring down her CDs (all of the Celtic Women ones she loves!) because I wanted to burn them. OK -- so I lied. But, it was worth it, because I was able to download her CDs onto her new iPod. We also checked out iTunes and got her Brother Iz's Somewhere Over the Rainbow and National Treasure to watch on the flight home.

Do you think she looks excited?
Another present! These are her iPod speakers!
And her iPod workout kit for when she goes walking (the primary reason I thought of the iPod since she's been walking a LOT after school).
Mason and Grandma playing Rumikub, a Rohrer-family tradition!
Our post-Christmas table. Mason made me the little bowl in the front in art class. It was perfect for cashews!
Mason's turn opening presents.
Gibson was a bit jealous of Mason's new Ohio State lounge pants.
Mom learning to use her new iPod. I was SO proud of her because I assumed it would take awhile for her to "get" it. My Mother is very smart, but when you throw new technology her way, she needs to take down notes and write out each step. It wasn't the case with the iPod -- she got right on! (And jammed to Celtic Women for awhile!)
After a few days with us, we took Mom to Houston to spend some days at Jill's house. We visited with the Scaffidi's for a few hours while Mark worked in Houston.

Alec and Mason jamming on Guitar Hero.
Grandma and her Texas Grandkids (Ian, Mason, Mom, Maddie, and Alec).
Grandma and the boys (Maddie was away from the table).
After her visit to Houston, Mom flew back to Austin to spend one more day with us. Her visit over Christmas is always wonderful -- but too short! Hopefully, she won't make any more Christmas visits because she'll move here and can spend Christmas with Shelly! (Or better -- Shelly can come down and we can be a family again!!!)
Grandma and Mason.
Saying goodbye to Grandma with a send-off breakfast and hugs!

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