Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Miller Family Christmas

I apologize for taking so long getting these up. With my Mom down here, I didn't want to spend a bunch of time on the computer. Then, once she left, we had some family time. Now, things are slowly going back to normal. Anyway -- enjoy!

This year's Christmas was a huge change for us. Mason is nine. Like most nine year olds, he found out the truth behind a huge holiday event. I think that was harder on me than him (and yes, I am being extremely vague because I don't want to say anything age-inappropriate for our younger readers!).

Mason on Christmas morning. We told him not to wake us up until after he had pressed preheat on the oven. Isn't having a nine year old wonderful?
All of our presents under the tree. Amazing how the older they get, the more the presents cost, yet the smaller they become!

G.I. Joe -- the great American hero!

Wrestling with one of my bows. The boys HATE my bows, therefor I put them on every present. Notice the thrown-aside underwear in the background from his stocking? He was NOT thrilled to open that!
Both of our boys digging into their presents on Christmas morning.
Mason loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

He usually gets one book at Christmas. This year, he got three. The previously shown one, this American History encyclopedia (to find out all sorts of things about favorite topics of Paul Revere, the Revolutionary War, and Ronald Reagan), and Beedle the Bard.
Gibson tried very hard to carry both his new tug toy (by the way, the ONLY tug toy that he hasn't destroyed ::knocking on wood!::) and his new Nyla bone.
Mason and his new robot, I-sobot!!!
At least someone was excited about the new underwear!!!!!
Mason on the phone with Grandma, telling her about his loot and wishing her safe travels!
The reason for the pre-waking up preheating? Mark's french toast casserole! This picture does NOT do it justice. However, it does show how much we ate of it. This doesn't reheat well, so we took it down to the Monaghan clan after we had our share!
Christmas dinner, Miller style! Since we would be having our big meal when Mom was down (and since Mason and Mark made yummy shrimp and grits on Christmas Eve), we decided to be traditional and have Chinese for Christmas dinner! We had soup, a pu-pu platter, and tons of food! It was great! (And no cleaning up afterwards!!!)
Mason and Mark at the Chinese restaurant.
Me and Mason at dinner.
A very non-traditional Christmas, but we enjoyed it! We spent most of the day building Legos and playing with our new toys (and anticipating Grandma's arrival!).

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