Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, on Friday I was leaving my house via the front door when my front wheels got caught on the threshold. This caused me to fall forward out of my wheelchair, landing on my stomach. Luckily, I braced myself with my hands. Mark came home to help me up (though Katie, who was with me when it happened, offered). I felt a little stiff and sore, but no big deal. Feeling my legs, nothing felt wrong. Usually after I fall, I have to go to the ER to make sure nothing is broken because my legs are paralyzed. My Mom freaked when I told her I wasn't going to go unless there was swelling or bruising.

We ran some errands and visited friends that night. No biggie. Then, at midnight, I was changing into my pajamas when I noticed my right leg was warm and swollen. Ooops. So, I called Mark into the room and told him we had to go to there ER. I called Lola and sent Mason down there to spend the night (awesome friends! Who would I have called at midnight in Delaware and not felt horrible about disturbing?) and Mark and I were off to the new Cedar Park hospital.

The diagnosis after three x-rays? Sprain. Did I want a splint or a wrap? My dumbass suggested a splint because I didn't want it getting bumped. Mark pointed out later that if it DID get bumped, it's not like I would feel pain. So, instead of the $20 wrap, we got the deluxe $200 splint. Ooops. We returned home by 3:45 and conked out, but not before much joking from Mark that I had once again, tripped IN MY WHEELCHAIR, got injured, went to the ER, to find out there wasn't much they could do (those of you may remember when I "tripped" over our floor vent, hit my head, went to the ER after passing out, had a CAT-scan, only to be told I had a mild concussion and to take tylenol). At least my foot wasn't broken.

My foot at the ER. Yes, I had my camera with me.
So, that was our fun trip to the ER. I've been propping it up, icing it, and staying off of it per doctors orders (which is pretty easy to do in a wheelchair, by the way). And, I haven't needed to take anything for the pain, as suggested. ;-) My right arm is feeling pretty sore and I have a big scrape on my palm, but other than that, I'm fine. Banged, bruised, but fine none the less.

Tomorrow, I will update with pictures from the last few weeks. For now, I leave you with pictures of my foot and our new patio furniture!!

My ankle today.

I have the big, long purple bruise, but then the whole foot is a lighter bruise. Loverly.

New patio furniture. There's a loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table. I hope to buy a matching rocker and an outdoor rug soon.



Anonymous said...

OUCH is right! Yikes.

On the bright side,I love the new patio furniture. :)

Anonymous said...

Um hi, I live in DE. You could call me. At least assuming it was any time since 2001.